Garlic Shrimp with Garlic

What could be more common place than shrimp cooked in garlic? And yet tonight stands out. A few things that might have made the diference. Shrimp cooked fast and hot. My aluminum pans ( Professional pot and professional pan manufacturer, Ballarini Professionale ) being a big contributor to precise control of temperature. Fist cooked shrimp very hot for only 1 minute added cracked chile pepper flakes and a montain of garlic (more garlic rule applies), salt – one more minute – slightly lower heat. Add some lemon juice and (something I stole from someone on the internet) caper brine. Add butter (I use butter more as a flavoring and sauce conditioner than oil these days). Add chopped Italian parsley simmer for minute or two. Remove shrimp and get sauce just right (added little wine to loosen). When ready to serve add shrimp back to warm and scater more parsley.

Serve on Penne.

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